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Transactional Bulk SMS services can help you engage your target audience.

Instant SMSs on transactions or at various stages of delivery of any request establish a company’s trustworthiness with its customers. Transactional bulk SMSs are becoming increasingly common in online commerce, banking, retail, and other industries for this purpose.

At this point, each organization is using them as the foundation for transmitting process information, invoicing information, and status acknowledgment.
Bulk sms service provider are widely regarded as one of the most effective ways to communicate directly with your customers. With this service, you’ll want to send bulk messages to a large number of recipients, keeping them up to date on their most recent transactions with your company.

Amyntas4SMS provides an easy-to-use transactional gateway at a low cost, as well as cost-effective transactional SMS subscriptions that allow you to send hundreds of SMS in a short period of time. To get started with our promotional bulk SMS services right now, all you have to do is register with our gateway.

pricing plan

Transactional Bulk SMS Service plan

10,00,000 Plan

12 ₹sms

  • quantity10,00,000 SMS
  • cost 141600
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5,00,000 Plan

15 ₹sms

  • quantity5,00,000 SMS
  • cost 88500
  • buy now
1,00,000 Plan

17 ₹sms

  • quantity1,00,000 SMS
  • cost 20060
  • buy now
75,000 Plan

17 ₹sms

  • quantity75,000 SMS
  • cost 15045
  • buy now
50,000 Plan

18 ₹sms

  • quantity50,000 SMS
  • cost 10620
  • buy now
25,000 Plan

20 ₹sms

  • quantity25,000 SMS
  • cost 5900
  • buy now



why people Choose Our bulk sms service

The success of your campaign is determined by the quality of your promotional SMS. You may create that custom content with our simple product. Inform your clients and prospects about your services, products, and everything else you have to offer. You can examine reports on a regular basis to monitor how clients react to the messages you deliver.

Our team of talented specialists will offer advice on the crucial aspects that will make your target a huge success. Assist in the growth of your firm and the attainment of new goals. This transactional bulk SMS service is ideal for reaching out to your large customer base without spending a lot of money.

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We got our Mobile Application developed by Amyntas for complete workflow ecosystem with CMS. Workflow is now paperless and seamless. Cannot be better than this.

Indian Youth Congress

The SUPPORT is great. Implementation is fast and simple. We are very happy and satisfied with the IVR and SMS services of AMYNTAS. The easiest and most user friendly site I visited and tried..

Hungama Digital

We are satisfied user of Amyntas for International and Domestic SMS’s. Highest uptime and premium service. Great to work with them.


I am one of the most happiest client of AMYNTAS MEDIA WORKS. Fastest delivery and service is 100% better than other SMS Providers in India. My clients are always happy with my SMS updates.


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