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SMPP Connectivity has turned into a quintessential need for the corporate and big  organizations across the world. It has totally reclassified the Bulk SMS benefits and has empowered the organizations to send  their messages to clients, workers, sellers or investors efficiently.

The SMPP or Short Message Peer-to-Peer is really a convention that has acquired gigantic popularity in the business, for executing huge volumes of messages immediately and in very easy manner in the middle of the SMSCs (Short Message Service Centers) and ESMEs (External Short Messaging Entities).

Consequently, you can undoubtedly comprehend that the SMPP Connectivity is ideally suited for any organization that requires sending huge number of messages to their customers, merchants, investors or representative on a quick premise. Unfolding messages with SMPP gateway is clear since all you really want is only a solitary SMPP customer at the application end for interfacing with a distant door.

It has consistently been our objective to enable enormous enterprises and associations to assist them with conveying a huge volume of SMS with SMPP Connectivity; accordingly saving them from the issues of utilizing customary mass SMS administration. Thus, we offer SMPP administrations to ventures or associations that are as of now familiar with utilizing the SMPP passage or figuring out how to discard the XML.

SMPP connectivity decreases the time needed for conveying bulk messages when contrasted with XML or APIs. Additionally, it guarantees you about a worldwide delivery of your messages and furnishes you with the capacity to convey the distinctive type of messages with next to no problem.


The latest version that we offer is SMPP 3.4 protocol

Empowers you to send SMS in bulk at a fantastic speed that is a lot quicker than the customary XML, HTTP and JSON API.

Cloud based foundation with High accessibility of server and telco SMPP tie permits door to send sturdy messages.

Guarantees you about great outcomes through the use of the reliable SMS gateway.

We likewise offer you phenomenal help for sending promotional as well as transactional bulk SMS.

Choice of telco with domestic and international routes.

Dashboard to follow live traffic separated, extract delivery reports and broad API for integration.

Accompanies the confirmation of worldwide coverage of SMS.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you provide support or maintenance services along with the SMPP Connectivity?

    Of course, our technical team always works hard to help you out with the necessary integrations to your existing system apart from providing you with incredible support to leverage the SMPP gateway to benefit your company.

    What makes your SMPP gateway reliable?

    We have years of experience in providing SMPP services, and the excellent technology we use makes the gateway highly reliable as well as entirely scalable.

    How do you ensure faster delivery?

    We offer connectivity for multiple operators, thus assuring you about faster delivery. Moreover, we also use the load balancing capability to ensure maximum uptime for our SMPP server.

    Will I be able to receive delivery reports using your SMPP gateway?

    Yes, we offer our clients with a user-friendly panel that allows you to receive delivery reports and to track the live traffic.