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Sim Based SMS

SIM based SMS allows you to send transactional and promotional SMS without getting DLT enlisted. We have a large setup of a SIM based SMS sending system in which users  get SMS without Sender id and they see some 10 digit versatile number rather than 6 digit alpha.

Which Industries can use SIM based SMS?

SIM-based SMS can be utilized by anybody hoping to advance their business the same way Bulk SMS is being utilized by sending special and conditional/OTP SMS. The main contrast here is that, there is no particular sender-id as a virtual 10 digit number is utilized to send the SMS. The main limitation utilizing this is that the SMS won’t be conveyed to DND numbers and SMS missions can be sent between 8 am-8 pm.

This feature can be used in Schools for Charge alerts, Occasion alerts, report card days, cost receipts etc. Also organizations for the urgent offs, requests, get-together arrangements, meeting plans. Similarly other places like E-commerce companies for updates, sales etc.

It’s time to switch to SIM based SMS

By changing to SIM-based services, multiple steps can be skipped(as long as there are no new guidelines) and your customers can in any case get all  with a 10 digit virtual number as a sender id with no substance limitations.

According to new DLT guidelines, it is required for all clients to register as a principal entity to  send any promotional or traditional SMS. It is additionally obligatory to pre-register sender-id and formats for the content of the SMS.

SMS advertising is the method of speaking with a wide scope of clients through instant messages to impart occasional offers, discounts, updates, new arrivals, and cautions to explicit shoppers which is unavailable with traditional marketing.

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