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Promotional Bulk SMS Service

Promotional Bulk SMS Services

Package Per SMS Cost Total Option
10,00,000 10 ₹ 100000 ₹ 118000
5,00,000 14 ₹ 70000 ₹ 82600
1,00,000 15 ₹ 15000 ₹ 17700
75,000 17 ₹ 12750 ₹ 15045
50,000 18 ₹ 9000 ₹ 10620
25,000 20 ₹ 5000 ₹ 5900
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Instant Delivery

Competitive Pricing

Multiple Connectivity

24 x 7 Support

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Simple User Interface

Real Time Delivery Reports

Bulk SMS services marketing is used to send offers, discounts, and advertisements to existing and new customers in order to increase sales.

Lead Generation through Bulk SMS service

In today’s competitive economy, properly advancing your business is critical. Promotional bulk SMS solution that allows you to send bulk promotional SMS to various subscribers in a matter of seconds.
Our promotional bulk SMS services is designed to generate new leads and increase revenue. It functions as a two-way portal that benefits both your clients and your company.
We aid you in immediately associating with a larger crowd with useful and effective open limited-time messaging as everything is about cell phones. Your potential clients, as well as existing clients, will get enticing product or service promotions, resulting in increased services and sales demand.

The success of your campaign is determined by the quality of your promotional SMS. You may create that custom content with our simple product. Inform your clients and prospects about your services, products, and everything else you have to offer. You can examine reports on a regular basis to monitor how clients react to the messages you deliver.

Our team of talented specialists will offer advice on the crucial aspects that will make your target a huge success. Assist in the growth of your firm and the attainment of new goals. This transactional bulk SMS service is ideal for reaching out to your large customer base without spending a lot of money.