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Geo Fence SMS Marketing

Geo Fence SMS marketing is area based SMS where a client’s area is recorded through the administrator, and ads are simply displayed to individuals in a particular area target.

Right Message at right time via GeoFence SMS

Your target audience can be anyone :

  • Food-Lover
  • Entrepreneur
  • Students
  • Job Seekers
  • Technology Enthusiast

Particular business, occasion, events, meeting centers.

Geo Fence SMS permits your business to do bulk SMS marketing or area explicit notices to the public in particular areas all over India.

Location based marketing is a proven strategic marketing process . At whatever point it becomes obvious that a large number of potential customers dwell in a specific geographic area, a business can achieve it’s marketing goals by targeting the right audience in the right place.

At the point when individuals get messages from brands they see close by, it assists them to connect better and get aware of their offers. With Amyntas Media Works you can promote your business to the specific customers by targeting the area, pincodes, location, and target them directly.

Our Location Based Marketing Strategy

Targeting your customer’s location radius

Targeting through recent events attended

Geo Location based marketing

Discounts, Crowd status, Advanced activity indicators

Ecommerce shopping history to target right offers

Target possibilities who have visited your competitor’s areas

Let us help you find your Customers through Geo Fence SMS service

Being the best in this game, Amyntas Media Works assure you with your right promotion.

Custom Audience

Targeting specific genders, all age groups as per the requirements

Connect Globally

Reach specific cities up to 500m radius  also can target Globally

Profile Based

Different profile like traveller, foodie, Tech Savvy, Online customers, Business people

We Stand Apart from the Crowd

Activity-based & Display behaviour analytics

Location status based on history

Location-based advertisements

Special deal, Crowd status, Advanced activity indicators

What users usually do (shopping, visit average time spend)

Where users live or work (socio-economic neighbourhood)

Prospective Audience

Through our acute profiling, one can reach large number of target audience across all age groups, locations & profiles

  • All age groups(15-60)
  • Both Male and Females
  • Mumbai
  • Tier1, Tier2, Tier3 & 4 cities
  • Specific up to 500mtr radius
  • Can target Globally
Profile Based

Specific profiles e.g. Traveller, Corporate, food lover, Technology, enthusiast, online shopper