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Drive instant conversions with Click-to-Call

Basically, an instant calling technology, the click to call service helps you to immediately connect with your customers without any hassle. You can strategically place your number on your website or online app to generate new leads and increase the rate of conversions while someone is visiting your site or app. You can instantly get connected with the visitors as soon as they submit their mobile number. As a matter of fact, the click to call technology instantly connects a voice call between your agent and the visitor to make sure that you get to generate new leads for your business. Plus, these calls are free of cost for the potential leads thus relieving you of all the worries.

At Amyntas, we provide you with premium quality click to call service that helps you to connect with the probable customers in an efficient way while making sure you get the best voice quality for the calls to leave a great impression on your leads.


Easily integrate click to call on your website or mobile app

With click to call service from us at Amyntas, you can easily integrate the click to call widget on your website. Thus, you will always be able to get connected with your website visitors instantly as soon as they drop their number in the widget. You can also avail the click to call service on your mobile. With our innovative service, you will be easily get connected with your customers instantly as soon as they enter their mobile number on the app.

Get real-time reports

The click to call service that we offer lets you record every call you make and maintain the call logs with utmost ease. Plus, you can always check \whether the call was connected or missed for better analysis. You can also integrate with your existing CRM software for analyzing the improvements in your business.

Schedule the calls

If your visitor is unable to receive the call from your operator at the moment, you can schedule the call at a later time as per the convenience and preference of the customer. Plus, you can call and talk to them on conventional channels like landline and mobile.

Privacy is respected

For us at Amyntas, the privacy of our customers is the most important thing. As a result, we have developed our click to call platform in such a way that all the personal information of our customers is protected efficiently. So, you will be able to engage with your customers without having to worry about the security of the personal data of your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be charged for the call?

You will be charged for all the calls that connect with your customers. We offer you with a filtering functionality that filters out the DND numbers thus saving you the trouble of paying anything extra.

Will my visitors be charged for opting for click to call service?

No, the service is completely for your website visitors.

Can I schedule the calls at a later time?

Of course, if the visitor is unavailable at the moment for receiving your call then you can schedule it at a later time as per the convenience of your visitor.