SIM bases SMS lets you send transactional and promotional SMS without getting DLT registered. It eases the user with go to market solution and send sms immediately. No content whitelisting required in DLT portal. The SMS will go from a regular 10 digit mobile number instead of 6 digit alpha

Who and where can be SIM-based Bulk SMS be used?

SIM-based SMS can be used by anyone looking to promote their business the same way Bulk SMS is being used by sending promotional and transactional/OTP SMS. The only difference here that, there is no specific sender-id as a virtual 10 digit number is used to send the SMS. The only restriction using this is that the SMS will not be delivered to DND numbers and SMS campaigns can be sent between 8 am-8 pm.

Why switch to SIM-based Bulk SMS service?

As per new DLT regulations, it is mandatory to registered for all users to register as a principal entity to send any promotional or transactional SMS. It is also mandatory to pre-register sender-id and templates for the contents of the SMS. By switching to SIM-based service, all those steps can be skipped(as long as there are no new regulations) and your clients can still receive all the promotional and transactional SMS with a 10 digit virtual number as a sender id with no content restrictions.

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