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Do you want to start a bulk SMS business but aren’t sure how to get started? Why not become a reseller and enjoy lucrative profits? This article contains all of the information you’ll need to get started and expand your bulk SMS Company.

Businesses, organizations, churches, and associations all want to send SMS to a huge number of individuals at the same time, therefore the need for bulk SMS marketing service is growing. First of all, you need to consider the total number of recipients where the SMS will be pushed. In case of bulk number of recipients, the regular SMS sending process can be quite expensive. Henceforth, the concept of bulk SMS is an obvious choice.

One of the benefits of becoming a reseller for bulk SMS business is the minimal investment to start with. Furthermore, with a little bit of effort and intelligent marketing concepts, you can profit up to 200 percent.

In reality, the profitability of a firm is determined by the owner as well as other elements such as business knowledge, competitive analysis, market knowledge, customer relationships, consistency, and so on.

Bulk SMS, rather than ordinary text messaging, is becoming increasingly popular among businesses. This is certainly due to the following reasons:

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Getting started is inexpensive

The majority of ambitious entrepreneurs blame a lack of startup funding for their failure to get their firms off the ground. And even if they do acquire the money, it may take some time for them to break even in the firm because they must recoup their investment before profit can be recorded.

However, there is no requirement for a large amount of start-up cash in the bulk SMS industry. You can get started with as little as N10,000 or less. You also don’t need a physical office to run a bulk SMS business. You can operate your business from a cybercafé, your laptop, or your phone.

If you work full-time, you can manage your business part-time while keeping your regular employment. Actually, the advantages of launching a bulk SMS business much outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Become a member of a bulk SMS wholesaler or an SMS service provider

As a newbie, this is the simplest and most cost-effective alternative. You won’t have to worry about developing a website or connecting it to an SMS gateway provider if you choose this option.

Many wholesaler websites offer a reselling portal to their consumers. You can purchase your customized SMS immediately through our page.

There are fees associated with registering with an SMS wholesaler. Pricing varies depending on the wholesaler’s platform you choose.

Your feasibility study results should help you choose a cost-effective and dependable reseller SMS service provider. Move along once you’ve made your mind up and registered with the service provider.

It caters to a large number of clients.

Businesses may reach out to a big number of customers at a minimal cost with only a few clicks. As a result, the client list is never-ending. And you’re well aware that the more customers you have, the more money you’ll make. Who doesn’t enjoy it when things are simple and straightforward?

Setting up is simple

Setting up a bulk SMS service does not necessitate a lot of knowledge. Most of the time, you will merely deposit funds into the provider’s accounts, and your provider will design, build, host, and test your new business before handing it back to you.
Although having a technical talent is a benefit, no complex or technical abilities are required to begin this business. As a result, you will be able to save a significant amount of money, increasing the profitability of your company.

Steps InvolvedSending SMS with IndiaSMSSending SMS without IndiaSMS
Technical Knowledge RequiredYou do not need to have technical knowledge. It is easy to manage through user-friendly interface of reseller panel.Technical knowledge is mandatory.
API and other integrationsYou will be able to provide your API to your customers along with long and short code integrations.The API access is limited.
Customer SupportDedicated customer support. Irrespective of the problems you face, you will be provided with best solutions immediately.You will not receive any satisfactory support from the reseller providers.
Logging in your reseller accountQuick and easy login.Logging in is a complicated process. And takes a long time.
Time RequiredYour website will go live within minutes due to fast account activation.Takes hours or days for your website to come online.
Technical Knowledge RequiredYou do not need to have technical knowledge. It is easy to manage through user-friendly interface of reseller panel.Technical knowledge is mandatory.

Get reseller panel for a bulk of just 5 Lac SMS

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    Can I set my own site name?

    Yes, we provide you with the ability to set a unique name for your website which will also be shown on different pages as well as meta titles.

    Can I create my own pages?

    Of course, you will be able to create customized pages on your website as per your requirement.

    Will I be able to give my own logo?

    Obviously, you will have full freedom of establishing your brand identity with a unique logo.

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    We got our Mobile Application developed by Amyntas for complete workflow ecosystem with CMS. Workflow is now paperless and seamless. Cannot be better than this.

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    The SUPPORT is great. Implementation is fast and simple. We are very happy and satisfied with the IVR and SMS services of AMYNTAS. The easiest and most user friendly site I visited and tried..

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    We are satisfied user of Amyntas for International and Domestic SMS’s. Highest uptime and premium service. Great to work with them.


    I am one of the most happiest client of AMYNTAS MEDIA WORKS. Fastest delivery and service is 100% better than other SMS Providers in India. My clients are always happy with my SMS updates.


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